Sotras was founded in 1975 as a trading business and over the years has transformed itself into an important brand manufacturing industrial filters, making and distributing its own products in Europe and throughout the world. Today Sotras can supply a top quality range of industrial filters and has specialized in manufacturing elements for compressors, vacuum pumps and compressed air applications to suit most requirements in these fields. In particular, Sotras can boast established experience and skill in designing and manufacturing high quality air/oil separators specifically for installation in rotary screw and vane compressors.

A new company, Sotras Logistica, was set up in 2006 to manage the logistics activity of the finished products which are stocked in a modern warehouse of some 4,000 m2. The premises are strategically located near to Sotras headquarters, Turin Airport and major transport routes.

A few years ago Sotras took its first steps in the market in China and since then has succeeded in acquiring local OEMs as important customers. Excellent results have been achieved over the years and thanks to this and in response to OEMs constant requests, we are proud to announce that Sotras China has now opened a production site as well as a strategic logistics centre, dedicated to the market in China.